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Apartment Rental Rates

(Prices and fees are subject to change and availability)

Application fee: $50
Security Deposit: $100.00 Due at signing
One time Administration Fee: $200.00 (Due by August 1st)

 Unfurnished Room:  $380    Furnished Room:  $430
Optional: FURNITURE PACKAGE: $50.00

Bedroom Cost Breakdown

BEDROOM: $ 310.00
UTLITY PACKAGE:     $45.00
(Resident pays overages on utilities.)

At Time of Application & Lease Signing

 Application fee in secured funds (no personal check or cash) must be paid. A Lease is a binding document. The only way to reserve an apartment is to sign a lease & pay any required lease signing fees. Leases will be signed at time of application.
*Checks & Money orders may be made out to Frog Pond Apartments.

If a resident is unable to find a qualifying guarantor, they are still responsible for the entire term of the lease. A $499 Non qualifying fee must be paid prior to move in. If a guarantor is found, but comes back conditional a $249 non qualifying fee may be charged. These fees are non-refundable.

First Rent Installment and Administration Fee

Your first installment of your rent will be due August 1st. A one-time $200 Administration fee will also be due at this time. Please make sure to get this payment in on time to avoid possibly losing your spot or any additional late fees. If payment is not received by August 1st, a $50 late fee will be applied to your account. No keys will be given without payment in full.  Frog Pond currently accepts checks or money orders in our office. We also offer online payments. Please contact the office for more information.

Apartment & Room Assignments

Your new home address will be emailed out no later than the 1st full week in August. We try our best to honor requests on apartment locations, but are not guaranteed. Please do not ask to change buildings or apartment styles once rooms are assigned.

Renter’s Insurance

Proof of Renter’s Insurance is required prior to move in. Please make sure to take care of this ahead of time. Each resident is required to have his/her name on a policy. You may use whomever you would like for renters insurance as long as you provide us with a policy.


Frog Pond Apartment is AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY RENTER. We welcome anyone who completes an application, meets our qualification standards, and wants to live here.

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